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A cup of ITALOVE, A piece of LOVE memory.

ITALOVE COFFEE is proud to serve our customers a traditional Italian coffee. With a rich history of roasting and a passion for blending beans, we have preserved a magical recipe that stems from the 1940’s. Combining different countries beans from four continents, they are roasted to perfection achieving a scintillating texture with a beautiful aroma. The whole process is a work of art, and we are delivering our passion and fascination with coffee to you. We invite you to enjoy the symphony of coffee in each cup.


There was once a young girl who took a trip to Rome, Italy, by chance. From the moment she stepped onto the land, she fell in love with it. Everything in Italy was extremely beautiful and it fascinated her. She fell in love with the streets, the architecture, the churches, the culture, the local customs, and the fashion. All the things there made her happy and comfortable. Amazingly, without any arrangements in advance, it happened to be her 18th birthday while she was there. She was greeted with enthusiasm and friendliness from the Italian people, who held a birthday party for her. They had even given her a watermelon cake! Their positive attitude towards life, and the love and affection they show for other people is something that she knew she would never forget. Since she loved the Italian people so much, she always wanted to walk around Rome and meet new people. She would go inside every street coffee shop, order a cup of coffee, sit in the sun and enjoy herself and her company. This became her favourite thing to do, and she not only gained a love for Italy, but she gained a new love for coffee. After the trip she returned to her home country to attend university; but the memories from that trip have always stayed with her.

After graduating from university, the young entrepreneur was eager to seek out a new challenge. She always wanted to create a brand of her own, which would represent the things she cared about and loved. So, as she began to think about what she wanted to do, she recalled that unforgettable trip to Rome. That memory made her want to create a coffee brand where she could apply all her love and creative ideas. She named her new company ITALOVE Coffee.

Since she first founded the company, it has been two years of learning and growth, from the very beginning of working and studying, to the careful incorporation of Italian baking and the selection of location, and finally the successful branding of ITALOVE Coffee. The founder designed the brand’s logo as a combination of an hourglass with coffee powder inside, to replicate the symbol of sand which is used to represent time. The meaning of this logo is that coffee symbolizes a happy time, just like the memories that the founder has of visiting Italy. For her, these are moments of eternity which she is reminded of every time she sits down to have a good cup of coffee.

The founder aims to use the themes of coffee, love, and good memories throughout her brand. ITALOVE Coffee hopes to be able to bring warm feelings to people all over the world, by enabling them to create their own memories while sharing their love of coffee. Whenever you want to relive the beauty of your life, we recommend ITALOVE Coffee. These are the values of the brand that the founder wants to express the most. We hope that ITALOVE Coffee will become an important part of our customers’ lives, as we continue to grow, and share love and happiness.

Once upon a time, 有一个小女孩,在一个机缘巧合的旅行下来到了意大利罗马。从踏上那片土地的第一刻起就深深的爱上了那里,意大利的一切都让她欣赏并且着迷。街道,建筑,教堂,文化,风土人情,时尚,意大利语…..等等等等所有那里的一切都让她喜爱并且觉得很熟悉。很神奇的是,在没有提前做任何安排的情况下,正巧她的18岁生日在罗马的旅行中度过了。成年礼是一个西瓜的生日蛋糕。哈哈。意大利人的热情和友好,对待生活积极向上的乐观态度,人与人之间爱意的表达都是让她无法忘记的温暖,所以在意大利的时候,她非常喜欢做的一件事情就是走访于各个街头的咖啡厅,点上一杯咖啡,坐在阳光下欣赏着属于那里的一切,那样的氛围和感觉,让她享受。旅行结束后她回到了她的国家继续上大学,但那次旅行的美好记忆永远封存在了记忆中。

在大学毕业后,怀揣着一颗想要创业和挑战的心,一直很想创造出属于自己的一个品牌,并且将它注入有爱的灵魂。于是,在她寻找想要做什么的时候,她回想起了那段无法忘怀的罗马之旅,那段记忆让她想要创造一个咖啡品牌,将自己所有充满爱意的创意和想法通过咖啡的形式展现在品牌里,她把它命名为ITALOVE Coffee.

从那之后,便是2年的学习和成长,从在最开始的打工学习,到精心挑选合作的意大利烘焙,再到选址等等,所有力求完美的背后,都因为一颗无法忘怀的初心的支撑,最终ITALOVE Coffee得以展现。创始人将品牌的logo设计成一个代表着时间的沙漏和咖啡粉的结合,意义是咖啡就像一个幸福时间的载体,一杯咖啡的时间,片刻咖啡店的静坐,些许人生的思考,温暖安宁的感受,就像在回忆里存留的美好一样,片刻即是永恒。

咖啡,爱,和美好的回忆。ITALOVE希望可以为所有人带来温暖的感受,并且可以为你们的美好人生留住记忆。无论何时想要重温你人生中的美好,回到ITALOVE Coffee,这里有我们为你保管的你心底最想说给那个人听的悄悄话,还有你曾记录过的所有幸福时刻。在你的人生长河中陪伴成长,留住美好,是创始人心底的期许,也是希望品牌ITALOVE可以做到的价值。

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